Soul and Cell - Text for Sue Barclay's One World project

One World - An Exhibition of Recent Work from Glasgow artist, Sue Barclay at Nicolls Glasgow, 2021

The collaborative project featured an audio-visual screening by Gabby Biazotti - ‘Call to Ritual’, and a text by myself.

One World 4, Acrylic on paper and board, Image size 60 x 42cm, Board size 70 x 51cm. View here

"This orb of glowing colour changes from yellow to orange to red. Alizarin crimson, indigo, dark green. Into darkness, which is grief, sweet dark, bitter dark, Payne’s grey, BLACK. But darkness is a place of knowing, and if we tried to hide in the yellows and pinks, we’d be missing a vital part of the story. All that dark, rich undertow beneath our feet. Leaf mulch, burnt sienna, sub-terrain, undergrowth, where the real regeneration happens. Mycorrhizal rings connecting life forms and communing in secret mellifluous tones."

read the rest of the text here: Full Text